A Walk Across Internet

I'm doing a web residency at Schlosspost from March 7th to April 3rd, 2016.

I'm blocking the sites I usually use to force myself into the unknown, open Internet.

Clara Herrmann of Schlosspost interviewed me about the project on April 1st in A Disillusioned Netizen.

This webpage will be in a show, The Artist is Online, curated by Julia Eckert, Judith Engel, and Paula Kohlmann in Stuttgart at Projektraum Römerstrasse 2A on April 2nd at 7 PM - 11 PM UTC+02.

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Bosma, Josephine
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Sex Magazine

The Earth is Online

04/02/2016, Saturday, 5 PM, EST

tree fractal
tulip fractal

The Internet is Online

04/02/2016, Saturday, 4 PM, EST

The Artist is Online

04/02/2016, Saturday, 12 PM, EST

I'll be updating live today from 1 PM EST to 5 PM EST.

The together.js chat didn't work exactly as planned, but I chatted with Tom Moody, Stephanie Kwak and Mika Mason about the project and was recommended a few more links for my human-edited Internet directory. (I'll add them later tonight and tomorrow.)


04/02/2016, Saturday, 12 AM, EST

bathing in a waterfall
binary data stream 1
"A six-pack of batteries."
"A simple clip art to represent digital assets being hacked."
"A realistic textmarker."
one pixel of thickness

roasted bog iron

"And that's the nation where I live."

Netflix dataset: "100480507 ratings (on a scale from 1 to 5 integral stars) along with their dates from 480189 randomly-chosen, anonymous subscribers on 17770 movie titles. The data were collected between October, 1998 and December, 2005 and reflect the distribution of all ratings received by Netflix during this period."

"The city wanted to upgrade its garbage bins so that they could resist raccoons, but still open easily when picked up by a garbage truck's automated arm." The Intelligent Life of the City Raccoon


Regional Digitization Center

04/01/2016, Friday, 12 AM, EST

"Most of the monochromatic icons that may be found on the internet are derived from outdated symbols and pictograms, which are good quality and well-known all over the world, but they do not represent the current design of the items any more." glyphicons

icons and badges in trendy linear style for natural cosmetics
ecology badges and stamps for packaging not tested on animals and cruelty free
round colourful
a little window of internet access
Google barge, crawldata, user avatar

"This system of 50 symbol signs was designed for use at the crossroads of modern life: in airports and other transportation hubs and at large international events."

"...a Metafont font is primarily made up of strokes with finite-width "pens", along with filled regions"

MrSite: Why should I submit my website to internet directories?

"...a gray title, as opposed to other color-coded ... products, such as .... This warns users that the product may contain bugs, and could be unfit for general use."

"Could you please re-create the brass sound from Super Mario Karts "Rainbow Road" for SNES?"

Web Data Commons - RDFa, Microdata, and Microformat Data Sets

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03/31/2016, Thursday, 12 AM, EST


Global Baidu

Baidu Antivirus


03/30/2016, Wednesday, 12 AM, EST

was in Chicago offline from the 24th - 29th

html comments completely ignored by the browser


03/26/2016, Saturday, 12 AM, EST



03/25/2016, Friday, 12 AM, EST



03/24/2016, Thursday, 12 AM, EST

inflatable circuit board


03/23/2016, Wednesday, 12 AM, EST

How Japanese desk top music culture was brought under control

Social Recommendations Index

03/22/2016, Tuesday, 12 AM, EST

playing Thonky Pong with a banner ad over the game

Then I play Bug Squisher.

Globally Recognized Avatars

03/21/2016, Monday, 12 AM, EST

Allocate a path

03/20/2016, Sunday, 12 AM, EST

Technology City

03/19/2016, Saturday, 12 AM, EST

Peter Norvig
Archive of Our Own
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03/18/2016, Friday, 12 AM, EST

listening to: Stanley Jungleib, Music for the Inner Film (1992) & Qwire (1995)

finding nodes to future breakthroughs like Paul Bourke

"I wanted it to be difficult and raw and not get into it so much"

going to emulate System 7.0 on my PC, so I can try McPoet

McPoet is also available from the Macintosh Repository with a 0 out of 10 dogcow rating (0 votes, however). And there are a couple of clip art CDs in the respository!

Key Clip Art
Clip Art Palette
Multimedia Clips
ClarisWorks Clip Art
PC Paintbrush Clip Art Library
Expert Color ClipArt #2

Special Coke

03/17/2016, Thursday, 12 AM, EST


While looking for all the Listservs I was on in high school (a Dada one, a Beat one: subterraneans@kdsi.net, a Beat Happening one), etc., I found this webpage for the Cosmic Baseball Association.

Literary Kicks, Levi Asher

Tom Waits Meets Jim Jarmusch

"JJ: What do you mean special Coke?
TW: You know, just a Coca-Cola with some lemon juice in it, a cherry."

A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in

03/16/2016, Wednesday, 12 AM, EST

I'm getting multiple emails a day from Facebook reminding me to use it.

Unsecured motel WiFi

03/15/2016, Tuesday, 12 AM, EST

The previous posts are images, links and text from sites I found through an initial Bing search. I'm looking for a way to navigate the Internet without search, but I keep ending up on portals or directories that haven't updated in years. So many sites don't exist anymore, and links aren't organized, so I click and read for hours to find something I can use.

On a sidenote, I'm making this blog in a plaintext file that I upload to my site via FTP, but now I'm in a random motel room in New Jersey. I didn't bring my laptop, because I wanted to try using my smartphone to edit the file, but I just borrowed a MacBook now out of frustration. Unsecured motel WiFi.

If you're reading this, please email me ideas! I'm going to try listservs, Usenet, gopher...

Free hot coffee

03/14/2016, Monday, 12 AM, EST



03/13/2016, Sunday, 12 AM, EST

Current Mood: sick

This is looking more and more like my livejournal. Without other people.

I've left Web 2.0 for what's left of Web 1.0.

Like in Walk Across America and No Impact Man, there'll be something rewarding eventually, but now I'm just wandering in the Web 1.0 desert with a flu.

net-specific art

03/12/2016, Saturday, 12 AM, EST

John F. Simon Jr.'s Every Icon

Net Art

"This pathfinder was created to help you find net-specific art which is becoming to be known as Net Art. This pathfinder shows actual sites where you can see Net Art on the web and shows how to search for these sites."

"This Pathfinder was created because finding Net Art can be difficult."

Welcome to the Seed Portal of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Urban Dictionary: zone sitting
Urban Dictionary: zone typing

Information Main Page

03/11/2016, Friday, 12 AM, EST

The bird will always be over the area you are in...

dried milkfat product

Zen Electronic Newsletters & Journals
Aboriginal Studies Virtual Library

Global Networking: a Timeline

03/10/2016, Thursday, 12 AM, EST


"Natural mineral pigments (yellow ocher, red ocher, manganese, and iron oxide and charcoal) are used. The colors are ground and mixed with animal fat, blood, vegetable juices, or water."

"The WWW continues to evolve. The number of servers world-wide declines to 206,741,990 in Jan 2010 (Netcraft 2010)."

"The WWW continues to evolve. The number of servers world-wide grows to 255,287,546 in Dec 2010 (Netcraft 2010)."


A Tasteof NorthernTerritoryCulture


Transmit Lamp


03/09/2016, Wednesday, 12 AM, EST


Ability: Thick Fat
Ability: Clear Body
Ability: Own Tempo
Ability: Pixilate
Ability: Technician

[12:22:50] Paul: if you look deeper you can see everyone is
[12:22:53] Paul: alwaysalone

The internet can become an addiction
It can control your life

namespace Coffee
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Coffee coffee = new Coffee();
            If (coffee.empty)
            // comment
RAW Paste Data

Bing Images SafeSearch: Moderate

TEST IMAGE dreamstime

03/08/2016, Tuesday, 12 AM, EST

The first day I left my Internet comfort zone, I coincidentally participated in a research study involving the effects of galantamine and nicotine on attention. I don't smoke, so I was profoundly nauseous this morning.

I lay on a couch staring at a poster of David Hockney's Day Pool with Three Blues and deleted Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook from my phone and installed Bing, a Craigslist browser and Naked Browser.

Bing wasn't terrible (I found the images above), surfing Craiglist hard could get interesting, and Naked Browser doesn't seem that funtionally different from Chrome, but I tried it. The icon is an Earth drawn in Paint.

I'll be on a desktop tomorrow, so I plan to go much deeper: The Noun Project, clipart, stock photos, etc. Today, instead of spending all my time trying to browse my entire Twitter or Tumblr feed (in Tumbletail), I spent more time organizing my phone and studying Japanese characters in Obenkyo.

A disillusioned netizen sets out on a walk across Internet.

03/07/2016, Monday, 12 AM, EST

After spending most of the past 17 years online, I now rarely go anywhere other than eight sites: Google, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinboard, Facebook, Youtube and Netflix.

Most of the art I make now is collaged Tumblr thumbnails and text collected on Twitter and Pinboard. It's a slow process without much impact, and I've lost touch with the wider Internet. I often wonder what I'm missing and would be making otherwise.

For the web residency, I'll block those sites in my browser for a month and blog here about where I go, what I see and who I meet. I'll start accounts where I've never been, make whatever art is possible and link extensively. I'll push myself to go as far and wide as possible and not obsess over any one place. At the end of the month, I'll compile everything as a finished work, a map of the Internet as I will then know it.

(I'll keep my Tumblrs somewhat active through auto-posts from my queue, and I'll check my email once a day to not miss any urgent messages.)